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Your impact

Together with you, we’re proudly giving our hospitals a power-up, providing facilities over and above what’s possible with NHS funding. Last year, we raised more than £2.5m to buy new state-of the-art equipment, create world class patient and staff environments, support additional staff development, training and wellbeing projects, and fund cutting edge research and development. Together, we’re doing brilliant things for our local hospitals.

How you make a difference

Thanks to YOU, we’re helping to power up Royal Devon’s hospitals and push the limits of what’s possible with NHS funding. By putting a pound in the pot, you’ve helped fund the big things, as well as the small things that make a difference to patients and their families across northern, mid and eastern Devon.

Inspiring Stories

If you’ve been a patient or a supportive friend/family member, please share your experiences. Tell us about the care you or your loved one received, your feelings towards our dedicated NHS staff, and any suggestions for enhancing the hospital experience.

Impact Report

Royal Devon Hospitals Charity (formerly Over and Above and the RD&E Charity) is committed to helping the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust go the extra mile, raising funds to provide facilities over and above what’s possible with NHS funding.

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Giving £5, £10, £20 or even £50 ensures we can continue to help, support and make a real difference to patients, staff and families across the whole of Devon.