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Share your story

Share your story

Share your heartwarming stories of the exceptional care you’ve received from our NHS. Whether you’re a current or former patient, a dedicated NHS staff member, or a friend or family member, we’re eager to hear from you!

Your stories are invaluable in raising both crucial funds and awareness for our Devon NHS hospitals.

If you’ve been a patient or a supportive friend/family member, please share your experiences. Tell us about the care you or your loved one received, your feelings towards our dedicated NHS staff, and any suggestions for enhancing the hospital experience.

If you’re part of our remarkable NHS team, we’d love to hear how the extra funding provided by the Royal Devon Hospitals Charity has improved patient care, benefited your ward, or advanced research, equipment, and staff training.

And if you’ve chosen to fundraise for our hospitals, whether as an individual or a business, what inspired you to make a difference? Your stories inspire us and countless others. Share your tale of care, dedication, and community support today!

"I really appreciate The Fern Centre and don't take it as a given. I'm very lucky to have it there. Steve and I are musicians and have done fundraising for Over and Above in the past. Now I'm benefitting from this wonderful charity, and look forward to being able to give more back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Tracy

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