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We've joined forces

Royal Devon Hospitals Charity is the new name for Over and Above and the RD&E Charity. The charities have joined forces to support the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust following the merger of the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust in April 2022.

Same charity. Different name. Double the fundraising power for YOUR local NHS!

Over and Above launched in 2011 to support Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust. In 2015, the charity raised £2.2m to build the Seamoor Unit, a chemotherapy and day treatment centre at North Devon District Hospital. In 2016, Over and Above raised £250,000 to provide equipment for the hospital’s neonatal unit, and in 2020, the charity raised £1.5m to build The Fern Centre, a bespoke cancer and wellbeing centre, also at the hospital.

The RD&E Charity launched in 2019 to support the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. The charity’s Starfish Appeal raised £250,000 to create a bright and welcoming children’s outpatient area at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. During the coronavirus pandemic, it raised nearly £10,000 to support staff physical and mental wellbeing.

Both charities have also raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to support wards, staff and services across north, mid, central and eastern Devon. After joining forces to become the Royal Devon Hospitals Charity in autumn 2023, we are committed to funding world-class technology and treatments, creating state-of-the art patient and staff environments, and supporting additional staff development and training.

Our mission is to push the limit of what’s possible with NHS funding to transform our local hospitals, wherever the need is greatest. We’ll fund the little things that make a big difference, and the big things that bring moments of joy, comfort and hope to those who need it most.

Please continue to support our wonderful NHS by donating today. Thank you.

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