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What we do

We support 2 acute hospitals, 17 community hospitals and a range of community, specialist and primary care services across north, mid, central and eastern Devon. Every hospital ward and department has its own fund where money can be used to buy new state-of the-art equipment, create world class patient and staff environments, support additional staff development, training and wellbeing projects, and fund cutting edge research and development.

There are more than 250 different funds altogether, so if you have a specific hospital, ward, department or service you’d like to support, or if you would like to find out about the different areas, please contact us.

The Royal Devon Hospitals Charity also funds The Fern Centre, a bespoke cancer and wellbeing centre at North Devon District Hospital, which offers cancer patients and families free access to a range of information, complementary therapies and counselling, as well as overnight accommodation should they need it.

With your help, we can fund...

State-of the-art equipment

Cutting-edge research and development

World-class hospital environments

Staff wellbeing projects

Additional staff training

Exceptional patient care, every day

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