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Support groups

Support groups

A cancer diagnosis can sometimes feel isolating and you may at times feel like you are going through this experience alone.  Meeting others who are currently going through similar experiences to you or those who have already been through similar experiences can be really helpful as they help to build positive and supportive communities outside of the hospital environment. 

The Fern Centre hosts support groups for a range of cancer types. The groups provide a safe and confidential space to meet other patients, listen, share experiences and offer support to one another.  Support groups can provide an opportunity to share concerns which you may feel unable to share with your family or close friends.

Some cancer site specific support groups are open to cancer patients only and are run by Clinical Nurse Specialists. The centre also offers a generic cancer support group for anyone livening with and beyond cancer, as well as a carer’s support group for anyone who is supporting or caring for a cancer patient. Both these groups are facilitated by our friendly Cancer Care Counselling Team.

We also host HOPE courses (How to Overcome Problems Effectively) which is run by our Cancer Care Counselling Team. This is a 6-week programme covering a wide range of informative self-help topics to support you to move forward in an empowered and proactive way.

Mindfulness & Arts and Crafts

The Fern Centre has linked up with LearnDevon to provide mindfulness and arts and craft groups.  These groups are held every couple of months and there are a range of dates to choose from.  The groups are extremely popular so early booking is advised.  Please see our newsletter for upcoming dates.

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