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Bra fitting support

Bra fitting support

Our bra fitting service at the Fern Centre is provided by a Jill, a highly experienced bra fitter who works for Nicola Jane, a specialist company providing bras, swimwear and prosthetics to post-surgery breast cancer patients.  To access this service, speak with your clinical nurse specialist, who can complete a referral for you. Alternatively, speak to our volunteers in the Fern Centre, who will be happy to refer you, or book directly through the Nicola Jane here.

What to expect at your appointment

Your appointment will last approximately 45 minutes but may be less time depending on what you are looking for. The appointments are held at the Fern Centre in a private room where you can try on a variety of bras, with the fitter providing advice and guidance on the best fit for you.  Once you have found the bra for you, the fitter will complete an order form and your new bra will be sent to your home.

Jill can offer advice and guidance on the best fit for you.

Bra service availability and costs

The bra service runs every month from the Fern Centre. The fitting service is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to buy a bra at the time. If you do find a bra that is right for you, then an order form will be completed and you will need to pay for the costs of the bra at the appointment. Any payment will need to be made by card to help facilitate returns or exchanges if necessary. Cash is not accepted at these appointments.


For more information, you can speak to your clinical nurse specialist, call the Fern Centre on 01271 311 855 or pop in to see us.

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