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The Fern Centre offers emergency accommodation for relatives and carers of patients staying at North Devon District Hospital. 

To access one of three en-suite rooms at the centre, please ask a member of the clinical team caring for your loved one to complete a booking form on your behalf. Alternatively you can contact the Fern Centre direct on 01271 311 855. A small donation of £25 per night will be payable to Royal Devon Hospitals Charity to cover cleaning costs.

The accommodation is available for relatives and carers of in-patients for one of the following reasons:

  • Patient brought in under emergency conditions
  • Patient in the ICU and is in a critical condition
  • Patient is a baby/child and the parent is unable to stay on the ward
  • Patient is near end of life and relatives wish to remain close by

The accommodation is also available to:

  • Cancer patients undergoing consecutive cancer treatment and live further than 20 miles away from North Devon District Hospital
  • Patients due in for a planned procedure and live further than 20 miles away from North Devon District Hospital who wish to stay the night before their procedure

Accommodation is available on a first come, first served basis. If you require access to our accommodation, please speak to a member of your relatives clinical team or call the centre direct on 01271 311 855.

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